Modifying existing users

  1. These steps require that the user already exists in the system. If they don't, please see the documentation for adding a new user. Navigate to the Manage » People section of the admin panel.
  2. Locate the list of users and find the individual whose account you wish to change. On the far right column click on the Edit button to continue.
  3. Change the user's access and permission level in the Roles section. Let's take an example with our John Smith account. He was initially given the role of a Contributor, which means he can create his own content, edit and delete it. But he's unable to publish. Over time, his manager wants him to take on more responsibility in the site, up to and including have responsibility for all the content, publishing, site configuration and user accounts:
    John Smith account with his original Contributor role assigned.
    If we want John Smith to have the highest level of access, we'll uncheck the Contributor account and select Site Manager and Site Builder instead:
    John Smith's account updated to give him Site Manager and Site Builder access.
    Note: The role of Editor contains the access of Contributor, and Site Manager contains the access of Editor and Contributor. Only one checkbox needs to be selected, not all. In the case of Site Builder, this is separate from the other accounts and needs to be selected individually and, preferably, in conjunction with the Site Manager if at all. See the matrix of roles and permissions for more information.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the Save button to finish.