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SiteFarm User Interaction Survey

Take 5-6min to Help Us Learn More About You

Quick Summary

  • SiteFarm is asking for participation in a general survey about how people interact with the logged in interface of SiteFarm.

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Dear SiteFarm User,

The SiteFarm team is inviting you to take a 5-6min survey to help improve our understanding of your experience as a user of the SiteFarm administrative interface. If you log into a SiteFarm site and manage content like Articles, Basic Pages, or even your own custom content then that means you. Even if you login to manage things like users or webform, we want your feedback.

The results of this survey will help our team determine who is using SiteFarm, how they are using it, and how we might be able to make it a better product for the whole community. The end of the survey will include an opportunity for SiteFarm users to sign up to participate in future research into improving the user experience as a user of SiteFarm.

Your time and participation are greatly appreciated and we are honored to serve this community.

Thank you.

The SiteFarm Team


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