Admin panel for people pages

Please note that Bulk Actions is not functioning properly due to a bug in Core. This is a known issue and will be resolved when a fix becomes available.

This interface is intended for departments with a significant number of person pages to manage for their directory system. Based on a similar layout to the All Content screen, the screen will allow you to search, filter, and make bulk changes to your collection of profiles.

Where is the interface located?

Using your admin panel Navigate using Shortcuts » All Content » Persons tab:
Location of the People content tab.

What can you do on this page?

  • The filter interface will allow you to Filter by:
    • a person's name 
    • a Person type (either provided as part of the default or that you added through the Taxonomy section)
    • whether the Person is featured, hidden, or its Published status

Filter options available on the People interface page.