Create Vocabulary terms

  1. To create terms, first, navigate to Structure » Taxonomies » List Terms.
  2. Click the Add term button.
  3. Only the Name field is mandatory, but you can also include the following sections:
    1. Description - If included, this text will appear at the top of the term's dedicated category page.
    2. Relations - Terms can be nested and made part of a parent term.
    3. Generate automatic URL alias - Allow the system to create the URL pathway for you, or else uncheck the box and create your own in the field below labeled URL alias.
    4. Brand color - You can select a pre-created color style from the offered palette which will be assigned to this term as an accent flash color.
    5. Primary image - If included, this image will be used as a hero banner across the top of the content for the term's category page. Make sure the width of the image is sufficient to fit the width of the page.

Editing Terms

Drop-down menu listing your options for working with terms.

Once your terms are created, you have the option to:

  • List terms
  • Edit vocabulary
  • Add terms