Enabling the Webforms Example module

The Webforms Example module will add a collection of pre-created webforms to illustrate different aspects and usages of the Webform system. This ranges from displaying all the different types of fields you can create to sample forms for you to explore.

Submit a service request form to have this feature enabled.  Enabling this module is optional.
  1. From the admin panel, navigate to Manage » Extend (only Site Builders can see this option).
  2. On the Extend screen, use the filter field containing the text, 'Filter by name or description', to type in "Webform" to shorten the list of modules to see the ones you want.
  3. Locate the Webform Examples module and click its checkbox.
  4. Click the Install button.
  5. Once the system confirms the installation is complete, return to Structure » Webforms, and see the updated list of Webform example for your review.