Create or modify vocabularies and terms

The process for creating terms is identical regardless of whether those terms will be used in content type-specific categories, tags, branding, or other term lists you custom create for yourself. 

Some content types, like the Basic page, allow for the additional option to color-code the content to a brand color that you designate.

To modify an existing term list

  1. Navigate to Structure » Taxonomy in the admin panel.
  2. From the Taxonomy page, modify an existing list, such as Tags, Categories, or Branding, by clicking on the List Terms link in the Operations column that corresponds with your selection. or by using its drop-down menu and clicking Add terms.
  3. Click the Add Term button at the top
  4. The Add Term page allows you to include:
    1. Name (required)
    2. Brand color (if offered)
    3. Description (optional) - an explanation of what the term is, what it's for, or what it should include are just a few possible ways to use this field. Any information included here will be displayed at the top of the page where all related content is listed. For example, if you created a term 'Science' and then entered a Description of "This page displays all content related to science news, innovations, and events on campus" then that description text will show beneath the Science term page listing all pertinent content types tagged with 'Science'. 
    4. Relations - the order the terms are listed and whether or not one term might be nested beneath another in a parent-child relationship,
    5. URL - unless necessary to change, we recommend leaving it on the default "Generate automatic URL alias". 
  5. Click Save when complete.

Create a custom vocabulary list

  1. Navigate to Structure » Taxonomy in the admin panel.
  2. From the Taxonomy page, click the Add Vocabulary button to create a new list of terms.
  3. If you're creating a new vocabulary, provide a Name and Description of the Vocabulary that will contain the related terms. Click the Save button. 
  4. When your Vocabulary is created, now you can add terms. Click the Add Term to begin.
  5. The Add Term page allows you to include:
    1. Name (required)
    2. Description
    3. Relations
    4. URL
  6. Click Save when complete.