Webform Results

  1. Using your admin panel, navigate to Manage » Structure » Webforms.
  2. Locate your form from the list and click its corresponding Submissions tab, or click on the title of your form, then its Results tab.
  3. Four options are available to you from the Results submenu options; Submissions, Table, Download, and Clear.
  4. If downloading a file, select your preferred display options and then click the Download button from the Download tab screen.


A list of all the form's submissions by visitors. This is a sortable, filterable, in-screen listing. You can star selected submissions and even add notes using a given submission's Note icon. All notes and stars are only visible on the administrative backend of SiteFarm.


This screen differs from the Submissions page by the addition of a Customize button, placed just to the top left of the table listing each form submission. The Customize feature will give you the ability to choose which elements and details are listed so you can refine your view of the information. When click, a dialog box will appear showing you a checkbox and an element name; show or hide these elements as needed for reviewing in this screen. 


Two options for downloading your report are available; under the Format Options » Export format menu, you can select either the Delimited text or the HTML table.

The Column Options section will let you pick and choose the information to be included in your report.


Only to be used if you want to completely and permanently wipe out all submitted form data. This action cannot be undone.