Set up Conditional Email Recipients

If you have multiple departments in your unit, or individuals who provide specialized support, you may want to consider setting up your contact or webforms in such a way that, depending upon which options are selected or completed, the email handlers responsible for sending out the emails will send it to a very specific email account. This means you could have a single form submission trigger multiple emails with one press of the Submit button. It results in a smoother, simpler experience for your visitor and more accurately targeted email delivery to appropriate people or email accounts in your office.

Set-up Multiple Emails based on Conditional Selections
  1. Create your webform as you normally would.
  2. In the webform tabs, click on Settings.
  3. Click on Emails/Handlers.
  4. Press + Add email.
  5. Title: make this distinguishable from the others so you can tell it's for a particular recipient that corresponds with your form for easy identification and future maintenance. Complete the other Send To, Send From, Message, and Included Email Values as needed.
  6. From the Add Email Handler tabs, click on Conditions.
  7. Set the following:
    • State: Enabled
    • Element/Selector: You can choose All, Any, or One, and use the - Select - menu below to choose the question field for this email address.
    • Trigger/Value: Use the = Select - menu to choose the action taken on this field that will trigger this condition. For example, if I offered a text field or textarea, I might indicate a trigger of "Filled". Or "checked" for a checkbox.
      Example of a complete condition field
  8. Click Save to finish this step.
  9. Your Conditional Email Filtering page will then be updated to look something like this: A view of the Conditional Email Filtering screen listing all the email handlers configured for specific route handling based on visitor choices.
  10. Use your webform's Test function to verify that the email handlers work as intended prior to making it live and publicly available.