Create a Webform

Create the Webform instance 

  1. Begin by using your admin panel to navigate to Manage » Structure » Webforms.
  2. Click the Add Webform button.
  3. Enter a title and, optionally, a description of your webform.
  4. Click Save to finish.

Create form elements on your Webform

  1. On your Webforms screen, locate the name of your form from the list and then click the related Edit button on the far right.
  2. Click the + Add element button.
  3. A pop-up dialog box will appear offering you a list of elements to select from. Categories of elements include:
    1. Basic elements - text fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc
    2. Advanced elements - emails, email confirmation, passwords, ranges, ratings, toggles, URLs, etc.
    3. Composite elements - addresses, contact, location, names
    4. Options elements - checkboxes, radio buttons, buttons, select lists, table selects and sorts
    5. Containers - container, details, fieldset, flexbox layout, item, label
    6. Date/time elements
    7. Entity reference elements
    8. Markup elements
    9. Tables
    10. Other
  4. Select the element you want to include in your form by clicking on the Add element button.
  5. Configure the settings on the element page. At the most basic, you would complete:
    1. Title - the text to appear with the user interface element
    2. Description (optional) - clarification text
    3. Default value (optional) - the initial value; a text field might have reminders or instructions, a checkbox might already be select, etc.
  6. Additional Webform configuration options can be set, but from here you can click Save to finish.