Clear Cache

What does Clear Cache do?

During the normal process of updating your site, you may discover that—even though you created a change and saved your content—the resulting page doesn't look any different to you. Or, after an update by the SiteFarm team to merge new functions and features to everyone's site, you go to try it out and it's seemingly not available to you.

What happened?

Your site's memory— its cache—is holding on to the previous version of the page and hasn't replaced it with the newest information yet.

When you use Clear Cache, it instructs your site to flush all the older out-of-date versions from its memory so that the newest versions can be displayed.

How to use Clear Cache

  1. From your admin panel, click on Shortcuts » SiteFarm Config or Manage » Configuration » SiteFarm section » Clear Cache.
  2. Click on Clear Cache in the list.
  3. Click the Clear all caches button.
  4. When the process is complete, you will receive a green ribbon across the screen that reads, "Caches cleared." Your content and displays should now accurately reflect your latest changes and updates.