Content Recovery

Uh oh. You deleted something. Maybe you deleted a lot of something. How do get it back? Can you get it back?

The short answer is yes, so go ahead and keep breathing.

Content Recovery Process

  1. Is it content you can easily recreate? If so, please do.
  2. If it's not or this accidental deletion involves multiple pages, then consider contacting us at as we do have the capability of doing a database restore. There are pros and cons to this request:
    • The database restore returns your entire site from a save point from the previous day. If you've done a lot of work since that save point, this work will be lost. Is the gain/loss ratio worth it to you?
    • The work to restore the database takes approximately a day to complete depending on how quickly the work can begin and the availability of the developer to process the request. Can you recreate your content in that timeframe? If so, please return to step 1.