Disabling theme branding color options

For the sake of consistency and a set visual color palette, or perhaps in preparation for doing your own subtheme, the system offers you a way to disable color branding for page titles, teaser trims, and featured content. The result means that these backgrounds will revert to a default dark blue background.

  1. Using your admin panel, navigate to Manage » Appearance » SiteFarm One (default theme) settings » Color Styles tab.
  2. Two settings are available to you:
    • page titles
    • content with an assigned color category or branding color
  3. These two options are checked by default, meaning color options ARE available.
  4. Disable these options and revert all color to the default dark blue by unchecking the following:
    • Color Page Titles with the category brand color
      Checking this box will cause page titles to display with the color of the category it belongs to.
    • Color content with its assigned category color
      Checking this will box color content according to its category brand color. An example of this is the vertical color bar to the left of Teasers.
  5. Select one or both of the checkboxes to uncheck.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Save configuration to finish.