Maintenance Mode

The maintenance mode is available to site manager in the event you need to perform a significant, emergency update during regular business hours to your site and want a means of communicating with your visitors to give them an accurate account of your site's status. This can also be seen as a means of "unpublishing" your site until you're ready for the update to be seen by the public.

To use Maintenance mode

  1. Click on Manage » Configuration and locate the Development section.
  2. Click on Maintenance mode.
  3. Check the Put site in maintenance mode checkbox. Note: Visitors will only see the maintenance mode message. Only users with the "Access site in maintenance mode" permission will be able to access the site. Authorized users can log in directly via the URL.
  4. Enter a message in the Message to display when in maintenance mode field to advise your visitors of your status and, if known, when the site is expected to be live again.
  5. Click the Save configuration button when finished.