A Sitemap is a page containing a master list of all the organized page content in your site. In SiteFarm, the list of content is broken down by content listed in your Main navigation menu, followed by content broken down by Categories, Types, and Tags, some of which are defaults in the system and others that you have created.

The link to the sitemap is located in the footer of your site on every single page.

Location of the sitemap link in the footer of every page in your site.


What can you do in the Sitemap configuration page?

  • Provide an introductory comment or message to visitors who view this page.
  • Define what types of content are displayed using the checkbox system, whether it's menus or vocabularies.
  • Decide the order that content will be listed using the pull-handle options to drag 'n' drop the options into your preferred display order.

If you decide to make changes, scroll to the bottom and click the Save configuration button to finish.