Stick or Unstick your main navigation

The default design of the SiteFarm template is set to "stick" the primary navigation bar to the top of the screen whenever a visitor scrolls down the page, allowing constant access to those main links. But, what if this is undesirable behavior? You have the ability to alter it to allow the primary navigation bar to scroll off the screen just like the rest of the content.

Please note that the sticky nav function has two caveats:

  1. The Site Branding block must be present and enabled in the Header region, and
  2. The sticky effect is only visible to people who are not logged into your site as a user.

How to stick or unstick your main navigation bar

  1. From the admin panel, click on Manage » Appearance.
  2. Locate the SiteFarm One (default theme) and click on its Settings link.
  3. The default tab, Default Options, contains this option:
    • Un-stick the Header when scrolling

      Checking this box will cause the header and main navigation to no longer be fixed to the top of the page when scrolling for regular visitors. The effect will be the same as what editors currently see when logged in and have the admin toolbar present.

  4. Check the related checkbox to apply this setting.
  5. Scroll to the bottom and click Save configuration to finish.