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Planning a SiteFarm Project: The Webdev Way

In case you've ever considered asking for some help with a paid project for your SiteFarm site, our team designer, Anthony Horn, has assembled a presentation outlining the steps and what's involved to help prepare you for the process, including with links to templates.

To clarify, by "SiteFarm Project" we're referring to a recharge relationship wherein your department has a custom change you would like made to your site and you want to hire our Web Development team to make that happen. Such projects range from custom sub-theming, Views, Content types, or unique solutions such as a way to share a single directory listing of person pages across many departmental sites.

Usually, such projects come to us when a department finds themselves under a tight deadline or without the necessary skillsets to venture into such projects in-house. We're always happy to chat with you to see if we can assist you in reaching your goals. To that end, Anthony has created a presentation to walk you through what those discussions would look like and what they would entail in terms of preparation work on your part. Give it a watch and then bookmark the page if you've been toying with the idea of talking to our team about a custom solution.

Anthony's Video Presentation

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Planning a SiteFarm Project - The Webdev Way

The Presentation Resources

If you just need the resource links, we've extracted them from the presentation slides for your convenience.

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