Custom Blocks

What is a Custom block?

By comparison, a custom block is a self-contained elem

List of Available Custom Blocks

ent that you provide with your own content, images, files, and links, depending on the nature of the block. It is complete unto itself and doesn't require information from anywhere else on your site to make it display and function correctly.

Custom blocks can be created through any of these three routes:

  1. Manage » Structure » Block layout page » Custom Block Library tab, or;
  2. Shortcuts » Blocks » Custom Block Library tab, or;
  3. The Place block button located in the upper-right corner of a content type, using the + Add custom block button located at the top of the menu.

Selecting this option takes you to a new page listing all the currently available custom blocks. The options here provide a blank instance you can use over and over again, allowing you to create, for example, six different Focal Link blocks and five unique Marketing Highlight blocks.