Alignable Promo block

The Alignable Promo block, contributed to SiteFarm by the Office of Strategic Communications, creates a colorful means of promoting and connecting to content that exists elsewhere on your site or an external location. The block lets you include an image, title, subtitle, description text, and two button links, with branding and alignment options.

Create an Alignable Promo block

  1. From the admin panel, click on Shortcuts » All Content » Blocks.
  2. Click on the +Add content block button.
  3. From the list of available blocks, click on Alignable Promo.
  4. Set your initial content options:
    • Custom image
    • Title (required)
    • Subtitle
    • Description
    • Button 1 (will display as a solid colored button by default)
      • URL (will show as required if you type in either field for Button 1)
      • Link Text
    • Button 2 (will display with a colored border)
      • URL (will show as required if you type in either field for Button 2)
      • Link text
  5. Configure the available options (outlined below).
  6. Click Save to finish.

Configure an Alignable Promo block

Available options include:

  • Alignment
    • Left
    • Center
    • Right
  • Branding Color
    • Based on the official color palette created by the Office of Strategic Communications
    • The default option will provide the following colorations:
      • Title - Wonder Blue
      • Subtitle - Aggie Blue
      • Button 1 - Solid Aggie Gold
      • Button 2 - Aggie Gold outlined
    • Selecting a Branding Color will use the chosen color exclusively unless it presents an accessibility issue with contrast against the background.
  • Sibling Grid
    • Default
    • 1/2 Column
    • 1/3 Column