Follow Us - social media links block

If your unit maintains a presence in social media as part of your departmental outreach, you can give your visitors a way to interact with and promote your content through the social media links "Follow Me" block.

Location of the Follow Me social media links block

  1. From the admin panel, click on Shortcuts » Blocks.
  2. Find the listing for Follow Us (usually located in the Second Sidebar section by default) and click its corresponding Configure button in the Operations column.
  3. You will be able to configure:
    1. Title - (required) - you can leave the default "Follow Me" title or change it.
    2. Display title - (optional) - toggle the checkbox on or off to enable or disable the title display.
    3. Platform - customize the service options included with your department's unique profiles, emails, and URLs. Some have been pre-populated with default UC Davis content; you're welcome to continue using them, replace them with your own, or remove them completely.
    4. Appearance
      1. Orientation - display your list of icons horizontally or vertically on the screen.
      2. Show name - this will add the name of the service next to its icon.
    5. Icon set - choose your preferred icon set from the available listing.
  4. When the block configurations are complete, move on to reviewing your block's visibility.
  5. When you've finished your visibility settings and you are returned to the Block Layout screen, scroll to the bottom and Save your work to finish.