Sub Main Menu

Your site comes with a default Sub Main Menu block designed to show in the second sidebar region of your pages unless you decide not to include it. This is a System block and relies on already existing content or links to external sites you have already created. You can control where your block displays by manually adjusting the block's Visibility.

Adding the Sub Main Menu (aka Main navigation) block

  1. Chances are, the block is already active in your site list. You can verify this by going to Shortcuts » Blocks » Block Layout and scrolling down to the Sidebar Second region or searching directly for 'Sub Main Menu' in your list.
  2. If your block was previously disabled, you can search for 'Sub Main Menu' and re-enable the block.
  3. If your block was previously removed from the list, you can add it back into your site by click on the Add Block button in either the First or Second Sidebar regions.
    • The System version of the defaulted Sub Main Menu block is called 'Main navigation'. Search for this in the block list. Click Place block.
    • Configure the available options.
    • Click Save block to finish.

Add your content links to the Main Navigation

You have two options for adding content to your menu:

  1. Edit your page, expand the Menu Settings area under Additional Options, and adding the link and setting the appropriate parent link; or,
  2. Navigate to Shortcuts » Main menu and clicking the + Add link button, and providing a Title and Link. Further configuration options are outlined on the Adding links page. 

Configure your Sub Main Menu (aka Main navigation) block

Options on the block itself:

  • Title - required, but you can choose whether or not to display the title on the page
  • Initial visibility level - The menu is only visible if the menu item for the current page is at this level or below it. Use level 1 to always display this menu.
  • Number of levels to display - This maximum number includes the initial level.
  • Checkbox: Use the Parent link as the title of the block (make sure "Display Title" is checked)
  • Sibling Column Size - If choosing a column size, at least one other sibling block should get the same setting so that the layout will stay uniform.

Configure your Main Menu links

On each individual link in your Shortcuts » Main Menu link list:

  • Title -  required, the text to be used for this link in the menu
  • Link
  • Description - optional, visible when the mouse hovers on the link
  • Show as expanded - If selected and this menu link has children, the menu will always appear expanded.
  • Parent link - The maximum depth for a link and all its children is fixed. Some menu links may not be available as parents if selecting them would exceed this limit.