Add a link to your menu

Content, by default, is not automatically added to your main menu; this is a manual step you take when you feel it's appropriate. In some Content Types, a Menu Settings section is included to allow you to add the content to the menu during the creation process. Other content types, like Articles, don't include this option, but you can still add it as a link to your menus.

  1. Navigate to Admin panel » Structures » Menus.
  2. Locate Main navigation under the Tools column.
  3. Click its Edit menu button to modify the contents of the main menu.
  4. The Edit menu Main navigation page will display your current menu structure. When you first receive your site, the only link to display will be your Home button. 
  5. Click the +Add link to add a new link to your menu.
  6. On the Add menu link page:
    1. Menu link title - the text to be used for the link in this menu that will display in the menu bar.
    2. Link - Start typing the title of a piece of content to select it. You can also enter an internal path such as /node/add or an external URL such as Enter <front> to link to the front page.
    3. Enabled - A flag for whether the link should be enabled in menus or hidden.
    4. Description - Shown when hovering over the menu link.
    5. Show as expanded - If selected and this menu link has children, the menu will allow for drop-downs.
    6. Parent link - If selected your link will be included below the link designated as its parent. The maximum depth for a link and all its children is fixed and some menu links may not be available as parents if selecting them would exceed this depth limit.
    7. Weight - Start typing the title of a piece of content to select it. You can also enter an internal path such as /node/add or an external URL such as Enter <front> to link to the front page.
  7. When complete, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the Save button.