Mega Menu Style for your Main Navigation

The Mega Menu style will allow a visitor to see all the links available on your menu, up two 2 levels deep, when hovering over any of the links in the main navigation bar.

Example of UC Davis' drop-down mega menu style in action.
The activated mega menu currently in use on the UC Davis home site; a style that has been added to the SiteFarm service.

How to activate the Mega Menu style for your main navigation

  1. From the admin panel, click on Manage » Appearance.
  2. Locate the SiteFarm One (default theme) and click on its Settings link.
  3. The default tab, Default Options, contains this option:
    • Main Navigation (menu) display

      Choose how the Main Navigation menu should handle sub-pages in a large-width screen.

      • Single column dropdowns (3 levels deep)

      • Mega Menu (2 levels deep similar to

      • Static menu with no sub-pages (1 level deep)

  4. Check the radio button for Mega Menu.
  5. Scroll to the bottom and click Save configuration to finish.