SiteFarm 3.0

Mega Menu Style for your Main Navigation

The Mega Menu style will allow a visitor to see all the links available on your menu, up two 2 levels deep, when hovering over any of the links in the main navigation bar.

Content Auditing

Stale, out-of-date content is always a problem on websites, especially those that have been around for a long time and have grown in size and content. SiteFarm gives you the ability to implement both an active and passive review system to help you keep an eye on content that needs a touch-up, a complete rewrite, or to be entirely removed.

Performing these audits brings great benefits:

Creating translated content

Once a site manager has completed the steps to configure the Multi-language options for your site, you can proceed to adding translations to your content.

Translating with Existing Content

The easiest way to begin is with content that already exists in your site. These steps assume your site is set with English as the default language.

Multilingual Translation Service configuration

What is Multilingual Translation?

Drupal, and by extension SiteFarm, gives you the ability to provide a translation of your default English content in a multitude of languages. A Site Manager configures the desired options to be translated, and the users enter in the translated content. SiteFarm does not translate content for you.