Release Date and New Features List for SiteFarm v3.0

SiteFarm 3.0 Arriving November 18th

We are excited to announce that SiteFarm v3.0 will be released and merged to the live service this weekend on November 18th!

This update marks the end of a three-month development phase during which we incorporated many of the features requested and fixed bugs reported by users. We've marked our progress in our ChangeLogs, but we would now like to bring you up to speed in a single entry to share the enhancements and fixes we've made in the last quarter.

A huge thank you to all of our SiteFarm community members who have taken the time to make suggestions, report on problems, and help us test several of these important changes!

Introducing: Content Audit

Small figure examining something through a magnifying glassIt's been a little over a year since we launched SiteFarm in Beta, and just over six months since SiteFarm has gone live. We have over 240 sites in the service and, as of this week, 60 live sites.

The team decided it was the perfect time to implement a Content Audit system; a service explicitly designed to help you manage and maintain the best quality content possible. 

Pro-active Auditing

A new panel has been added to each content type in the site and gives users the ability to actively review and assign content for changes.

You will now be able to:

  • Assign a Status indicating the relative quality of the content
  • Set an Action: does the content need work or can it be left as-is
  • Provide Notes: room to provide specific comments, instructions, or directions
  • Mark for review and indicate an Assigned to person who (provided they have a user account) should update the content and set a Review by Date for the work to be completed

If the above feature is used, the next time the Assigned to person logs in, a message will notify them that they have content requiring their attention.

Taking in the View

You will also discover three new tabs in the All Content section of your site:

  • Content Audit - this is the main listing of all content marked for a review
  • My Content Audit Reviews - the main list if filtered to only display reviews assigned to your account
  • Stale Content - content older than 9 months
*Sniff-Sniff* I think this has expired

The second part of the new system is its passive monitoring feature: Stale Content. The system will now keep an eye on the Last Updated date and, if that date is older than 9 months, will trigger an automatic audit that will be listed in the Stale Content tab of your All Content page. A future update will provide a clear notification that you have old content needing an audit.


Features and Fixes List

  • Content Auditing tools - documentation
  • Multilingual translations tools - documentation for managers and editors
  • Focal link padding adjustment
  • New section in training on Accessibility to help users increase their awareness of how to make their content as accessible as possible
  • Mega menu style that, on hover, displays the full menu options two-levels deep - documentation
  • Docksal documentation for local site development and theming
  • Adjustments to the Trumba Calendar spud text to clarify how it should be used
  • Upgrade to Drupal software to version 8.4
  • Ability to upload PowerPoint files .ppt and .pptx from the content WYSIWYG file icon and Documents > Add file options.
  • A path for moving a SiteFarm site to our Pantheon platform for clients seeking a fully customizable solution in a for-fee hosting environment
  • Fix primary image exceeding its boundary box when viewed in IE11
  • Adding additional display options on blocks such as Recent Articles or Events to include 1-10 as choices
  • On sharing content with social media, the primary image is not being displayed with the rest of the content - article write-up
  • Person pages will now display assigned tags
  • Related Content has been relocated under Additional Options. It will allow users to associate Related People and Galleries
  • Alternate unit fields available on the Person page to allow people to indicate more than one unit or organization with which they may be affiliated