Understanding menus and navigation

Site menus in SiteFarm are nothing new; they still function just as any other site's primary navigation bar and/or secondary navigation elements work. 

The difference as you may come to discover based on your previous experience with content management systems is two-fold:

  1. Content you create isn't stored in any particular order or location in your site as no hierarchy exists until you create it, and;
  2. Adding content links to a menu is a deliberate, manual step on your part.
Tips for good menu structure and maintenance
  • Your main menu is finite, so be conservative with how many links you add.
  • Try to restrict your menu to the main links and a primary drop-down menu (2nd tier).
  • Drop-down menus should have eight or fewer links.
  • Attempting to add a 3rd and 4th tier of drop-down links may compromise the system's ability to display all the links as the system won't be able to process that many causing your menu to break.
Creating your Main Menu

You can interact with your Menu system from two locations—within a page's Additional Options » Menu Settings sidebar or from the Shortcuts » Menu page location.

  1. If the page exists on your site, use the Add a page to your menu via the Menu Settings within the page.
  2. If the page exists on someone else's site, use the Add links to your menu via the Shortcuts » Main Menu link.
  3. Re-organize your menu and change the position of links.