FAQ list style

FAQ lists include a question/answer matrix based on an underlying bullet list. You can create one using these steps:

  1. Click on the bullet list icon and begin typing the text that represents the Question portion of your entry.
  2. Once you reach the end of your Question text use the Styles menu in your icon bar and select the FAQ List style.
  3. You will see a prompt in red text reading, "Please add an Answer to this question." Click your Enter or Return key to move to the next line and enter the Answer for your Question.
  4. You can add line breaks by pressing "Shift+Enter" on your keyboard.
Rules for using the FAQ List style
  1. Press 'Shift+Enter' to insert line breaks between paragraphs. If you hit Enter or Return alone, it will introduce a paragraph tag and this will break the FAQ.
  2. This element is for simple, regular text only. Do not add additional bulleted or numbered lists, images, media elements, or features available from the WYSIWYG's icon bars. Doing so will break the element.
  3. Bold, italic, strikethrough, links to internal or external content, anchor points, links to documents are allowed. 
  4. This feature is intended for short snippets of content preferably about a paragraph or so in length. Anything longer than that should not use the FAQ list and should be added to the page in a standard way or, given the length, given a page of its own.

Demo Output

  • How do I create an FAQ list?
  • See the steps above.
  • Click on me to expand and see the answer
  • Second answer.