CAS Settings

Site Managers can restrict sensitive or proprietary content using SiteFarm's CAS Settings option.

Forced Login (required CAS)

  1. In the admin panel navigate to Configuration » SiteFarm » CAS Settings.
  2. Managers can:
    1. Restrict the entire site.
      1. Check the Enable checkbox to apply the CAS authentication requirement on the entire site.
      2. Click the Save Configuration button to finish.
    2. Restrict specific pages.
      1. Specify pages by using their paths. Enter one path per line. The '*' character is a wildcard. An example path is /projects/* for every page under the /projects page. <front> is the front page.
      2. Click the Save Configuration button to finish.
    3. Negate either option above
      1. Check the Negate the condition box to disable whichever option above has been previously set.
      2. Click the Save Configuration button to finish.

User Account Handling

The settings offered in this section pertain to control the process of who can log in and the process they experience when they do.

Auto-Register Users

Enable to automatically create local Drupal accounts for first-time CAS logins. If disabled, users must be pre-registered before being allowed to log in.

Selecting this options will allow an account to be created for the visitor automatically in the site. You will have the ability to choose the role assigned (Such as Authenticated) so that the person can, for example, complete and submit a password protected form or read through restricted content as might be offered in an intranet setting.

Restrict Email Management

Prevents CAS users from changing their email by disabling the email field on the user profile form. Admins will still be able to change email addresses for CAS users. Note that Drupal requires a user enter their current password before changing their email, which your users may not know. Enable the restricted password management feature above to remove this password requirement.

We strongly recommend leaving this unchecked so CAS can handle email account information as otherwise, a Site Manager will need to manage account emails themselves. 

Logout Behavior

Site Managers can also control the logout process users experience. If a user logs out, you can decide to designate a landing page the visitor will see on logout.