Date and Time Formats

Date and time information is used throughout your content, but it may be showing too much or too little information for your taste. You have the ability to modify the format for your site at a site-wide level.

Changing date and time formats

  1. From your admin panel, navigate to Manage » Configuration » Regional and Language » Date and time formats.
  2. Four different settings are available:
    • default long date
    • default medium date
    • default short date
    • medium date and time
  3. Click on a corresponding Edit button.
  4. In the Edit format screen you will be able to affect:
    • Name
    • Format string
    • Language
  5. The format string will appear as a series of letters in upper or lower case, separated by commas, dashes, and colons. These values represent how date and time information will appear for this format. To understand and modify these patterns, refer to the PHP Manual for the available options.
  6. Click on Save format to finish.

Custom Formats

Please be aware that custom date and time formats require a Builder role, which means the work you're undertaking is custom and requires a knowledge of sub-theming and development, and is not supported by the SiteFarm team. Petition the team for the Builder role by emailing us at