Metatag configuration

Configure global meta tag default values using your site's global Metatag information. Meta tags inherit from one level to the next unless they are overridden. To view a summary of the meta tags and the inheritance for a specific configuration, click on its name in the Type list provided in the Metatag section.

Meta tags can be further refined on a per-entity basis, meaning on each content type (Article, Basic page, Event, etc) you can specifically adjust metatag information under the Additional options section located on the right side while in Edit mode, under the SEO tab.

To learn more about writing good meta tags and the influence they have on search engine results, consider starting with this article: "How to write a meta description that gets click-throughs" by Neil Patel at Search Engine Land, and then search the web for more resources.

Setting your Front Page Image metatag
  1. Navigate to Manage » Configuration » Search and metadata » Metatag.
  2. Click on the Metadata section's Edit button.
  3. Expand the Open Graph section.
  4. By default, online social media platforms may grab your logo by default if nothing else is set. If you would like to have a specific image associated and displayed for your site when the home page is referenced you can enter an absolute link (the full URL pathway including the domain name) to an image already uploaded on your site.
    1. Locate the image, right-click on it, and copy the path to the image. Example:
    2. Paste this link into the Image field in the Open Graph section.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the Save button to finish.
  6. Note: Additional metatag information for your front page can also be set here.