Migration Management Actions

Once you have set-up your preferred options for migration or actually performed your initial site migration from Cascade to SiteFarm, some additional action services will be available from the Overview of Migrations screen located at Manage » Structure » Migrations link. 

After completing Step 4 of the migration process (pre-migration, but batched) or after the migration process itself, the additional list of possible actions will assist you in managing your migrated content.

Actions List

The list of available actions is located beneath the Overview of Migrations table via a drop-down menu. The following actions can be taken on your batch list:

  • Run Import: Start the import. When the import was already done, this will only import new items
  • Update: Start the import with update mode enabled. It will import all new items, and override what was imported previously. This means if items were edited after the last import, these edits will be overridden!
  • Rollback: Rollback the import. This will delete all items that were imported. Use this to undo an import completely
  • Reset Status: It might happen a migration gets stuck on "Importing" or "Rolling back" (when closing the browser window, or when an error occurs). Use this to reset the migration back to "Idle"
  • Delete migration: Delete the migration. This will NOT delete the imported items. Use when all items are imported successfully and there is no need to rollback in the future.