Troubleshooting Your Migration

The following are issues reported while attempting to migrate content from Cascade to SiteFarm.

1. Error Message: An AJAX error occurred.

What happened: At the end of your selected migration process, the system generated an error indicating the possibility that one or more of your files were unable to be transferred because the process exceeded the timeout setting.

Migration Management Actions

Once you have set-up your preferred options for migration or actually performed your initial site migration from Cascade to SiteFarm, some additional action services will be available from the Overview of Migrations screen located at Manage > Configuration > SiteFarm Migrations > Cascade Migration tab. 

After completing Step 4 of the migration process (pre-migration, but batched) or after the migration process itself, the additional list of possible actions will assist you in managing your migrated content.

Cascade Post-migration Site Configuration

Next Steps to Configuring Your Site Home page

Be aware that the migration process may introduce a conflict so that your home page is no longer accessible. This isn't a problem; you have the option to create a new Basic Page content type, give it a name that designates it as your home page, and then use that in the Basic Site Configuration area to instruct the system to use it as your home page. Example: /home or /homepage or /newhome or /node1.

Cascade Migration Checklist

Are you a Cascade user looking to join SiteFarm and migrate your content over? These are the steps you'll want to follow to join up and get started.

1. Join SiteFarm

Do you already have a site in SiteFarm that you're ready to use? Proceed to the next step. Otherwise, please review our onboarding process to determine if you should apply for a site through an established Client Group or if you can directly submit a New Site Request Form.

Migrating a site from Cascade

Getting Started

Please note: only a user with a Site Manager or Site Builder role can migrate a site from Cascade to SiteFarm.

The Great Migration

July 07, 2017
Read our brief update on the progress of our migration tools as we get closer to finalizing SiteFarm v8.2 and offer strategy ideas for how to approach your move from Cascade to SiteFarm.