SiteFarm provides you with a series of pre-created Shortcuts available from your Admin Panel. These selections comprise what we feel are the most commonly used sections of the Admin panel, so we've included them for your convenience.

Shortcuts panel options
The Shortcuts section provides direct access to the more commonly used sections of SiteFarm.


You can toggle between the Admin panel offerings and your Shortcuts by clicking between the Manage or Shortcuts links.

Create a custom shortcut

  1. Click on the Shortcuts link in your Admin panel.
    Shortcuts link
  2. On the far right side of the lower panel bar, locate and click on the Edit shortcuts link.
    Edit your shortcuts
  3. Click the Add shortcuts button.
  4. The Name field is whatever name you want to give to your shortcut. You can edit this name after it's created if necessary.
  5. The Path field is the name and/or location of the section of your site you want the shortcut link to point to when clicked. If it's your own content you've previously created, start typing the name of the page and the auto-complete feature will help you find it. If it's an administrative system page, you will need to first visit the page and look at its unique pathway url following the domain name of your site.
    Add link screen fields
    Location of the portion of the URL required
    Examine the very end of your URL and anything that is not part of the root domain name, such as, should be copied and pasted for your path information, such as the /node/add above.