Getting started

Things to Know

Avoiding the Hidden Gotchas

This page is intended to familiarize you with some key tips to help you avoid stumbling blocks down the road as you build your site.

Getting Started

Welcome to SiteFarm!

Whether you're a skilled IT professional or a sporadic content contributor as one aspect of your job, SiteFarm has you covered; this content management platform is designed to make the process of adding content to your website as easy—or as complex—as you want it to be.


SiteFarm provides you with a series of pre-created Shortcuts available from your Admin Panel. These selections comprise what we feel are the most commonly used sections of the Admin panel, so we've included them for your convenience.


You can toggle between the Admin panel offerings and your Shortcuts by clicking between the Manage or Shortcuts links.

Your Profile

Locating and using your profile account page in your site.