Understanding how SiteFarm works

You're ready to join SiteFarm, but you're not entirely sure what this means to you and your organization. How does this even work? What follows is a very general overview.

Step 1: Learn about the SiteFarm service

Step 2: Let us know you're interested

Step 3: Site provisioning

  • Based on the information provided in your request, we'll either contact you for clarification, or proceed directly to creating your site instance.
  • Once created, you'll receive a form message back from the SiteFarm team confirming your site creation and providing you with your URL.

Step 4: Build your site

  • As a Site Manager, you'll have the ability to create accounts for your colleagues so they, too, can begin working in the site.
  • While adding your content to your site, you'll have the following resources available to help you when you get stuck:

Step 5: Prepare to take your site live on the web

Step 6: Transition into maintenance mode

  • From the moment your site goes live, your departmental website is now in maintenance mode and can be updated as frequently as you deem necessary.
  • Support is free and ongoing--just revisit Step 4 for your resources.