Understanding how SiteFarm works

You're ready to join SiteFarm, but you're not entirely sure what this means to you and your organization. How does this even work? What follows is a very general overview.

Step 1: Learn about the SiteFarm service

Step 2: Let us know you're interested

  • During the Beta Phase, which will last until at least April 2017, we're accepting applicant interest via email at sitefarm@ucdavis.edu

Step 3: Account and site creation

  • Once your interest has been confirmed, we'll collect additional information from you. During the Beta phase, this will be done via a registration form to invite you to provide additional information, including details about the site you want to build in SiteFarm. This information will be used to prepare a site instance and account for you in advance of the meeting of the Beta Cohort group to which you will be assigned.
  • We'll ask you to prepare content in advance of the meeting so you can start to work on your site immediately.

Step 4: Credential provisioning and training

  • A workshop will be scheduled that you must attend in order to be given the login credentials and URL to your new site. During this information session we'll also provide you with some basic training to help you get started. Several members of the SiteFarm team will be present to circulate through the room to answer questions you have as you begin building your site in the time provided.

Step 5: Build your site

  • As a Site Manager, you'll have the ability to create accounts for your colleagues so they, too, can begin working in the site.
  • While adding your content to your site, you'll have the following resources available to help you when you get stuck:

Step 6: Prepare to take your site live on the web

  • During the Beta phase, all site launches will need to be coordinated through your SiteFarm team
  • If you don't already have one, please obtain a domain name URL from the campus host clerk (hostclerk@ucdavis.edu). 
  • Once you have your URL, please email us at sitefarm@ucdavis.edu to request assistance in launching your site

Step 7: Transition into maintenance mode

  • From the moment your site goes live, your departmental website is now in maintenance mode and can be updated as frequently as you deem necessary
  • Support is free and ongoing--just revisit Step 5 for your resources