From Changelog #40 to SiteFarm 3.0

A laptop with code on its screen. An iphone sits next to it.

Our next major release for the SiteFarm service is scheduled to arrive right around Thanksgiving 2017. Included in that update will be the following new developments, fixes, and feature requests:

From this sprint:

  • Multilingual translation training documentation
  • Content Audit service for improved content management
  • Focal link padding adjustment
  • Fix URL redirects in the Cascade migration tools
  • Accessibility documentation
  • Mega menus in the primary navigation bar
  • Docksal documentation for local site development and theming

From Changelog #39:

  • Adjustments to the Trumba Calendar spud text to clarify how it should be used
  • Update of Drupal software to version 8.4
  • Ability to upload PowerPoint files .ppt and .pptx
  • A path for moving a SiteFarm site to our Pantheon platform for clients seeking a fully customizable solution in a for-fee hosting environment

From Changelog #38:

  • Multilingual services allowing for translations, including training documentation
  • Fix primary image exceeding its boundary box when viewed in IE11
  • Adding additional display options on blocks such as Recent Articles or Events to include 1-10 as choices
  • On sharing content with social media, the primary image is not being displayed with the rest of the content - article write-up