From Changelog #41 to SiteFarm 4.0

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Our next major release for the SiteFarm service is scheduled to arrive right around the end of March or early April 2018. Included in that update will be the following new developments, fixes, and feature requests:

From this sprint:

  • Fix issue with Event page that when event spans multiple dates, the upcoming events block will expire the event after the start date
  • Ability clone pages and blocks
  • If bullet points are entered next to a left or right aligned image, the bullets now have been styled to include a more reasonable amount of space for better visual balance
  • As a content audit user, a link in the alert notification message will now take you to the content audit list page
  • The Content Audit label under Additional Options will now only display the "Review by" field when the "Mark for Review" checkbox is checked
  • Pages imported from Cascade and Wordpress will now preserve the old URLs and reflect that URL in the new site
  • Cascade migration fix: original sites with extensions other than .html have now been included in the migration script so URL redirects will now properly reflect the original page extension instead of a default .html.