From Changelog #42 to SiteFarm 4.0

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Our next major release for the SiteFarm service is scheduled to arrive right around the end of March or early April 2018. Included in that update will be the following new developments, fixes, and feature requests:

From this sprint

New updates

  • People category list pages will have their pagination style updated to match the main people directory
  • Upcoming events block with no events to list will disappear from view until such time as a new upcoming event because available
  • Minimized Hero Banner block -- a minimal version with a main image of the same dimensions as basic page primary images
  • CSV people import files will be updated to allow a CAS user ID column and an original url to assist creating redirects
  • Content Audit settings will include review options to allow for quick, flexible workflow options
  • Flickr and Vkontakte social media icon options added to the Social Media Links block

Bug Fixes (will be added to the service in update SiteFarm 8.3.2 around the Christmas break)

  • Trumba calendar has been fixed and will now let users choose the appropriate radio button to indicate if the main calendar is on the same page or not, and if not, then display a URL field where the user can indicate where the main calendar block lives
  • Bullet lists using the accordion style are not allowing titles to wrap
  • When an event has a date span of more than one day, the system will use the End Date as its expiration point