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From Changelog #48 to SiteFarm 4.0

Our next minor release for the SiteFarm service is scheduled to arrive right around mid-June 2018. This Changelog will document all the updates you can expect to see in our next update.

From this sprint

New updates

  • Adding in Indent option to the WYSIWYG icon bar
  • Editors will see an alert message notifying them if the site has stale content when visiting the All Content screen
  • CSS Editor - Site Builders will have access to a per-page option for adding small amounts of CSS, allowing for selective and simple customizations in a page. Full-site styles should still be done via the sub-theming process.
  • The menu block will now apply a menu style for a consistent output regardless of where the menu block is placed.
  • Site Builders will now have commented out code in the template.php file that shows how and where to add a custom breadcrumb path for a customized View.

Bug Fixes

  • The Configuration screen sometimes displays an error message to Site Managers reading, "One or more problems were detected with your Drupal installation. Check the status report for more information."  This message will be removed as it is not actually an issue for Site Managers to worry about.
  • Mini-pager styles have been adjusted
  • Styled bullet lists in the Feature box were resulting in double bullets or chevrons. This has been fixed.
  • The responsive spacing between images and wrapped text has been fixed.
  • Focal link blocks used in the footer have had their hover state styled appropriately for the darker background
  • The Article's "Related Content" section located under Additional Options will now display people in the order set by the user
  • When migrating content from Cascade and the navigation/menu is included, the proper configuration for the link is now being used to build the menu so the links work as intended.
  • Subheadings in Cascade's repeating content blocks will now be included in migrations.
  • All of the custom blocks' padding have been reviewed and their appearance made consistency.

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