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Pattern Lab components for your designing pleasure.

Welcome the SiteFarm Design Kit

Work Smarter, Not Harder

If you've ever had the pleasure of mocking up new designs or themes from existing websites then you know how tedious the process of recreating page elements and components can be in Photoshop or Illustrator. Let us save you the trouble with the SiteFarm Design Kit. The SiteFarm Design Kit is a directory of Adobe Illustrator resources that give you the tools to quickly design or redesign using existing layouts and components from the SiteFarm Pattern Lab

What's Inside?

The kit includes a starter pages file, Starter, that contains a number of page layouts for exploring your sites home page, internal page, and menu styling. Adding Pattern Lab design components to your page layouts is easy using symbols. You will find all the symbols available in the Symbol Libraries directory. Simply load the desired symbol library into your Illustrator project and then you can drag and drop components right to your design. Once the components are on the page your can break the link to the symbol and customize each component with images, copy, and colors. Speaking of colors, you will also find a UC colors swatch file, UC, in the Swatches Libraries folder. Load this to get access to the UC Brand Colors for easy implementation in your design.

This kit also includes a SiteFarm style tile, Style, that can be used to set the tone for your project before you get too bogged down in things like colors and fonts. For more information on style tiles visit


Using these resources requires basic knowledge and access to Adobe Illustrator CC.

Get It

Download the kit from BitBucket.

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