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SiteFarm 6.2.0 Released

A minor release containing several bug fixes, small upgrades, and Drupal-released security patches was implemented on Sunday, April 28, 2019. If any of these changes fail to display/work for you, please clear both your browser's cache/history and your site's cache.

Feature Updates

  • Fancy File Delete permissions - Site Builders will now have the ability to add this module themselves; the update now includes assigning the appropriate user permissions to the site instance when enabled.
  • JSON API updated - We have updated our JSON API module, and also included the new Subrequests module for users who customize and sub-theme their site. Lullabot has written an article titled Incredible Decoupled Performance with Subrequests, written by Mateu Aguiló Bosch explaining how this feature works.
  • Honeypot Spam Filter - Many of you noticed a striking increase in spam a couple of months ago. We discovered hackers had figured out a way to identify and circumvent Honeypot's default values used to fool bots looking to autocomplete forms for spamming purposes. Our latest update changed those values to something unique to SiteFarm and we hope this greatly reduces the spam received.

Bug Fixes

  • Google custom search sort button - The word "Relevance" in the box was being broken and forced into a second line. The button's appearance is fixed.
  • Menu links / Entity Clone conflict - Users reported that they were unable to edit their sites' submenu block links. On further investigation, we discovered these sites also had the Entity Clone module enabled and it was introducing a code conflict resulting in a "Temporarily Unavailable" screen when attempting to 

What's in the Pipeline?

  • Drupal 8.7 Released on May 1, 2019 - The latest version of Drupal has dropped and, at long last, the Layout Builder initiative has been labeled "stable" for use. What this means is that the next step involves our developers evaluating the code and how/if this functionality can be added to SiteFarm. If it's feasible to include Layout Builder, the development will begin on this project and, as soon as possible, we'll also develop training material to assist users in understanding how this new functionality can be used and how it fits into the existing layout options. In the meanwhile, take a look at this demo video provided by the Drupal Community:

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