Sprint #16 Complete

A laptop with code on its screen. An iphone sits next to it.

Accomplished this sprint:

  • Custom logo issue. Clearing your cache should help make the logo display
  • Body links will now be visible
  • Focal link - branding colors and the images will now work correctly
  • Aggiefeed block - Users can select multiple fields from the select list using Ctrl+click or Cmd+click
  • Image focal point - focal point selection and its preview will now display
  • In-place media - users will have a new icon to insert media into a content region
  • Links to files - users will have a new icon allowing them to upload a document and create an embedded link pointing to it
  • Revision history - the date preview button allowing a user to view the state of a specific revision point has been fixed
  • Marketing highlight horizontal - adjustments have been made to the styles for improved visuals

Please note that these updates will be merged with existing SiteFarm sites within a week.