Sprint #34 Complete

Laptop with a notepad and pen next to it on a desk.

At this stage of development, these fixes, additions, and changes will be gathered into one update that will comprise the SiteFarm v.2.1 update scheduled for September 2017.

  • Content Review Interface being investigated - The team is exploring the addition of a new interface, likely to the All Content area, that would give users a way to assign status tags to pages that need to be edited and grant an expiration date for review along with a person assignment option. This is still in the planning stage, so look for more details as the scope of the work is defined.
  • Events Upcoming link - the link in this block was improperly set and resulted in a broken link. The link has been fixed.

  • Text error - The /login page had text reading 'Service(CAS)'. A space has been introduced between the two words.

  • Social media icons not displaying in IE - the images were both skewed and not showing in an older version. Adjustments have been made to fix both issues.

Feature requests reviewed for development
  • Indent icon to be added to the WYSIWYG icon bar.
  • Tags on Person Content types - The field already exists, but currently any tags entered do not display. This will be remedied in the next update.