Cascade Post-migration Site Configuration

Next Steps to Configuring Your Site Home page

Be aware that the migration process may introduce a conflict so that your home page is no longer accessible. This isn't a problem; you have the option to create a new Basic Page content type, give it a name that designates it as your home page, and then use that in the Basic Site Configuration area to instruct the system to use it as your home page. Example: /home or /homepage or /newhome or /node1.

Migrating a site from Cascade

Getting Started

Please note: only a user with a Site Manager or Site Builder role can migrate a site from Cascade to SiteFarm. Your Cascade site must be using the v.2 template in order to make use of this migration script; older sites are ineligible for this service. If you haven't already, please use our Service Request Form to ask that the Migration Module be enabled for you.