Use cases

Content Strategy: Moderating workflows

Until such time as the Content Moderation module is moved from its Experimental state to an active module in Drupal Core, users will need to take a slightly more hands-on approach to managing workflows involving users with a Contributor role.

Custom Term Pages

Taxonomy (Vocabularies and Tags)

Your SiteFarm site includes a means of displaying content that is associated with a specific tag or term. Some of these lists already exists by default as part of your initial site setup, but you are welcome to create your own custom Vocabularies (lists of terms that are related) and Tags (content that can be created ahead of time or on-the-fly within a content type).

Directories by Terms


Gunrock has created Person nodes for everyone in his unit resulting in one big directory list. He wants to break this list out further by department and still give visitors a way to navigate between those departments and include a search/filter option.


Your SiteFarm site includes a customizable Person type vocabulary. You can edit this list to include different groups than the default.

Introducing: Use Case Scenarios

In some instances, users may find themselves wanting to create content that is more complex than a simple training how-to can achieve. This section is intended to assist in exploring scenarios that draw on a cross-section of knowledge to accomplish more advanced layouts and solutions.

Let Gunrock be your guide.