Deleting content and files


Once a content node is created you have a couple of ways to delete it:

Method 1: Within the page view
  1. Under the page title and breadcrumbs you will see three tabs; View, Edit, and Delete. Click on the Delete tab.
  2. Click Delete on the next screen to confirm your action. 
Note: Deleting any content is permanent and you will not be able to recover it. 

Method 2:  All Content screen

  1. Navigate to Shortcuts » All content or Manage » Content.
  2. Locate your content node in the list of all your content. Under the Operations column, click on the Edit button's down arrow to reveal the rest of the submenu. Click the Delete option to permanently delete this piece of content.


Unless you are deleting an entire page permanently, as described above, it is strongly recommended that you do NOT delete any documents or files you have associated with your page. Why? Because your page's Revision history relies on the existence of the files in order to maintain an active, accurate list of Revision points to which you can roll back your page if needed.

That said, you may have unusual circumstances where a related document simply can't be allowed to ever go online again (example: health and safety of a visitor might be impacted due to incorrect information in a previous version) and you want to make sure it's not online where a search engine can find and serve it from a search result.

Permanently deleting a file or document
  1. Navigate to Shortcuts » All content » Files tab or Manage » Content » Files tab.
  2. In the Files listing, make a note of your chosen file's Upload and Change Dates.
  3. Next, navigate to the page that uses this file.
  4. Click on the page's Revision tab and, from the revision date list, locate the Revision save points that use the particular file that needs to be removed and Delete the save point from the list.
  5. If you wish to confirm that the file has been successfully removed, return to the Content » Files tab. If the Used In column shows "0 places" then within 6 hours any reference to the file, including the file's appearance in the File list, will be removed. 
If your department is experiencing a critical emergency where inaccurate information available on your site is creating health and safety issues, or you have been presented with legal 'cease and desist' orders, and you cannot wait for the six-hour window before the file is removed, please contact the SiteFarm team at for assistance. In your email please indicate the nature of the emergency and include in the subject line "Urgent: Please respond ASAP".