Understanding Content Moderation and Workflow

What is Content Moderation and Workflow?

In SiteFarm, we have two modules, Content Moderation and Workflow, that allow a group of people to accomplish these important tasks:

  1. Create new content as a Draft, or if the content is already published, create a new Draft of that published work that will replace the original when Published.
  2. Create tiers of approval so certain roles in a site will require approval and publishing by a role with greater permissions.
  3. Tie into SiteFarm's Content Audit system to provide a means of tracking work assignments and identify work states.
  4. Place Published content in an Archived state; this keeps the content on the site, in an unpublished state, in the event you should need to recall it again.

Moderation and Workflows introduces a system of States and Transitions, provided out-of-the-box by the module installed in your SiteFarm site. These transitions include the following possible workflow States in the default Editorial workflow:

  • Draft
  • Published
  • Archived

This includes the following Transitions:

  • Create New Draft
    • From Draft or Publish to Draft
  • Publish
    • From Draft or Publish to Publish
  • Archive
    • From Published to Archived
  • Restore to Draft
    • From Archived to Draft
  • Restore
    • From Archived to Published


Workflow Assignment

By default, Content Moderation and Workflows will be installed and the permissions set, but the actual functionality won't be available until a Site Manager assigns workflows to your site's Content Types in the site's Configuration page. The list of available Content Types will include all our default page types along with any custom Content Types you may have created for your site.


What Content Moderation and Workflow means for each role

  Contributors Editors Managers
Editorial workflow: Use Create New Draft transition. Yes Yes Yes
Editorial workflow: Use Publish transition. No Yes Yes
View any unpublished content Yes Yes Yes
View the latest version Yes Yes Yes
Editorial workflow: Use Restore to Draft transition. Yes Yes Yes
Editorial workflow: Use Restore transition. Yes Yes Yes
Editorial workflow: Use Archive transition. No Yes Yes


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