Top and Bottom content regions

Please be advised that this feature can only bet set by a person with the Site Manager role.

These two regions, located above and below the Content region respectively, can be configured to output more complex, custom layouts.

To implement the Top and Bottom Content regions:

  1. Navigate to Manage » Appearance » SiteFarm One (default theme) » Settings » Top and Bottom Content Layout.
  2. By default, the Top and Bottom Content regions containing blocks will grow to fill the available space. So 1 region will fill 100%. If only 2 regions contain blocks, those regions will have a 50% width. 3 regions with blocks would become 33% widths.

    To force a fixed layout, check a box for the option to select another layout.

    [ ] Select a fixed layout for the Top Content regions 1-4
    [ ] Select a fixed layout for the Bottom Content regions 1-4
  3. Selecting one or both of the checkboxes will reveal additional options as outlined below.

    A collection of illustrated computer screens displaying the 7 different possible regional layouts along with the corresponding results when seen on a mobile device.

  4. Apply this fixed layout to the Home page only.
    By default, the layout selected will be applied to your entire site, unless you specify with this checkbox that you want this layout restricted to your site's home page. If selected, the rest of the pages will have the default four regions in both the Top and Bottom Content areas to work with.

Example of blocks inserted in layout view:

View of the Top and Bottom regions in use while in the Place Block layout interface.
This screen capture illustrates the Top Content region view with blocks attached to all four sections using the default layout options. Additionally, two other blocks related to blogs have been added to the Content area, each set to 1/2 width so they will float next to one another on the same row.
Live example of the above block layout schema as it would appear on a web site.
This image illustrates the live rendering of the settings selected previously. As Sidebar1 and Sidebar2 have been left empty, the two blocks in the Content region have grown to fill the available space in an evenly distributed manner. Likewise, the four blocks in the Top Content region appear as set. Alternate layouts can now easily be achieved simply by selecting one of the other available layout configurations in the SiteFarm One theme settings area without you having to rearrange the blocks unless desired.