Layout schemes

Using bullet list styles for aligning linked text and images horizontally

August 23, 2018
You don't always want to use blocks to create the layouts you want; sometimes it would be so much nicer just to, somehow, embed your images and some text across your page. And would an embedded link be too much to ask? Ask away—we have your solution for you.

Split sidebars

What is a Split Sidebar?

Think for a moment about how you see web pages commonly laid out on a desktop or laptop screen; frequently, there's a navigational left pane, the main content, maybe another column or two on the right with secondary news, links, spotlights, and videos. Or, in a very specific example, what if you have a staff directory in the main content, then a search option followed by a spotlight in the right column?

Understanding the Block Layout page

Using your admin panel, navigate to Structure » Block layout.

At first glance, the page can be a little overwhelming with everything that is already listed, so let's break it down and look at what is included on the page.

Block Column

Sibling grids

What is the Sibling Grid?

The Sibling Grid is a very basic layout option.

Top and Bottom content regions

Please be advised that this feature can only bet set by a person with the Site Manager role.

These two regions, located above and below the Content region respectively, can be configured to output more complex, custom layouts.