Fixing space that shows up in your lists

In the course of building your bulleted and numbered lists you may discover that some unwanted spacing has been introduced. Chances are, this occurred after you pasted content in from an external source, like from Microsoft Word, a PDF, or another web page on the internet.

Example of what this might look like:
  • To get started, click placeholder text and start typing. Use your cover letter to show how your talent and experience will solve a problem or drive results for your future employer. For example, if you say you’re collaborative, give an example of how you used your collaboration skills at your last internship, and then show how that experience will benefit the employer.

  • After pasting in the above, the bulleted list now includes an unwanted space from one bullet point to the next. What's happening is that the text that was added was wrapped in an HTML paragraph tag and it's been embedded around the text here in SiteFarm. Each time you hit the Return key, the system is going to replicate the style and introduce another space. If you like the look, keep it.

  • If you want to fix it, continue to the steps below.

How to remove the unwanted space in your bullet list
  1. Highlight your list with your mouse.
  2. Click on the bullet or numbered list icon in the WYSIWYG bar to remove the bullets.
  3. Click the icon again to add the bullets back in and the unwanted space will be removed.
  4. Alternately, if you would prefer, you can also go directly into the HTML code and manually removed the <p> tag, but the first three steps are objectively easier.