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Sprint #17 Complete

Accomplished this sprint:

  • Sitemap page auto-generation based on your content and navigation.
  • Photo gallery's promotions section no longer contains the "promote to front page" option. This is intentional as the service offers a better way to incorporate album promotion to your home page.
  • Person summary blurb - the Summary section of the Bio region of the Person content type will now use the Summary as text that should be displayed if the Person page is included in the site's Directory.
  • New site instances generated after this sprint will now contain a sample home page, including example blocks and links to related training documentation.
  • UC Davis address in the footer region is now optional.
  • Focal point preview button is fixed and no longer displays an "access denied" error message.
  • Tables will be available. Note that extensive training documentation is available, and a warning message is included when you create tables in your site.
  • "Inside out" comes to the block system. Users will see an "Insert block" button in the upper right part of the admin panel that will let you insert blocks directly in the page instead of arranging blocks in the Blocks Layout screen.
  • Style menu in the wysiwyg now works in Chrome when the editor has been expanded to full-screen.

Please note that these updates will be merged with existing SiteFarm sites within a week.

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